Biden Administration Confronts Cybersecurity Threats

June 18, 2021
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June 18, 2021 sean.booker

Increasing Cyber Threats

As yet another major hack cripples a major US company and millions in ransomware payouts continue, the current presidential administration has stepped up to combat cyber threats. 

The Biden administration has plans to spend upwards of $10 billion on cybersecurity measures in the defense community in 2022. On May 12th, President Biden signed an Executive Order that would modernize the government cybersecurity framework and improve inter-agency communications. Government contracting in particular is the most affected. 

This order – along with the upcoming $10 billion focus on cybersecurity – will refocus the government’s attention on keeping up with ever-changing cyber threats. 

US-Russia Relations

During the US-Russia summit this month, President Biden also addressed cyber threats emanating from Russia. While there were no large victories, both leaders were “businesslike” and started the path toward better relations. There’s still a long way to go, since holding Russian President Vladimir Putin accountable hasn’t always proven successful due to conflicts between Russian internet policies and activities:

“Increased control over the online space within Russia has only enabled the regime to further use technology companies to achieve strategic objectives—including through spying, disinformation, and cyberattacks—and to censor, harass, and otherwise coerce firms that are uncooperative.” – Justin Sherman, Slate / June 2021

Where We Are Now

The Federal News Network conducted a cyber threat survey of the Navy Defense Operations Command, CISA, JFHQ-DoDIN, and the National Guard Bureau. In this survey, the agencies discussed their current cyberspace capabilities as well as where they were headed under the new administration. 

The Biden administration’s focus on cybersecurity comes at an opportune time as defense contractors and subs work to comply with new CMMC requirements. In addition to evolving CMMC standards, Biden’s Executive Order also addresses:

  • ICT cyber incident information cataloging and transparency
  • Zero trust architecture and secure cloud services
  • Increased software modernization and security
  • IoT cybersecurity standards
  • New Cybersecurity Safety Review Board (CSRB)
  • Logging and info management standards

These new requirements and oversight will be critical as we move into the modern cyber world, with increasing threat sophistication and complexity. For more information about Booker DiMaio’s comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services designed to address cyber threats and prevent ransomware, click here.

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