Engineering Solutions for You

Our Core Internet of Things (IoT) Focus

Booker DiMaio provides excellence in the areas of software development and computer engineering. With experience delivering tailored solutions to federal and commercial customers, our goal is to provide superior, effective applications for every client. To meet this end, we’re also proud to offer proven, cloud-based solutions for remote teams across industries.

Booker DiMaio implements Big Data analytics for data sets so large or complex that traditional data processing application software is inadequate. Our firm leverages the use of predictive analytics, user behavior analytics, and other advanced data analytics methods to extract value from data. We then analyze these data sets to determine new correlations to spot business trends, prevent diseases, and combat crime, fraud, waste, or abuse.

Booker DiMaio works collaboratively with the best in cybersecurity tools, training, and technology to protect against hardware theft or damage, information or software theft, and disruption or misdirection of services. We partner with companies like Wombat Securities, who use continuous training methodology that focuses on the four key cybersecurity principles: Assess, Educate, Reinforce, and Measure.

Booker DiMaio specializes in customized DevOps/Cloud Computing solutions through our CompleteCloud platform, offering remote, cloud-based workforce solutions. Our team leverages the most cutting edge tools and technologies to emphasize collaboration and communication between software developers and IT professionals, while automating software delivery and infrastructure changes. We partner with leading DevOps and cloud professionals like CompleteCloud, CHEF, and Splunk to bring best-in-class options to our clients.

Booker DiMaio is a leading force in Health IT (health information technology). Our team focuses on design, development, creation, use, and maintenance of information systems designed to enhance productivity and efficiency within the healthcare industry. We focus on leveraging automation of workflows and interoperable healthcare information systems to improve medical care, lower costs, increase efficiency, reduce error, and improve both patient and provider satisfaction.