Top 5 Tips for Digital Transformation

August 9, 2022
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August 9, 2022 sean.booker

What is digital transformation?

While many think of digital transformation as the move from on-premises systems to the cloud, there’s actually so much more. A digital transformation is the process of integrating digital technology across all areas of your business. Beyond cloud migration, this could look like building mobile applications for your end users, implementing machine learning models, and even moving to a hybrid workplace.

This will fundamentally change the way your organization operates and ultimately, the day to day work of all of your employees. It’s important to do it right, so here are the Top 5 Tips for effective digital transformation:

1. Focus on the end user

While it’s tempting to only consider business strategy, before taking the leap you should think extensively about your end users. Your staff and/or clients may be used to doing things one way and with certain systems. Moving everything to digital inevitably has a huge impact on the end user, interrupting their workday and disrupting how they access information. So it’s important to consider ways to minimize or ease this transition, while informing and educating your users as much as possible before the change.

2. Have cross-functional alignment 

Just like thinking of the end user, you should think about how the change aligns with your executive leadership team. The decision to move toward the cloud or modernize the tech stack might feel like an IT one, but it goes far beyond that. As the leader in your technology organization, you know what’s best for your systems and architecture. Having buy-in from the financial side makes budgeting this process much easier, and having your ops team in on it allows for better adoption.

3. Don’t focus on what others do, buzzwords, or trends

Digital transformation and modernization are trendy buzzwords right now along with cloud computing, machine learning, cybersecurity, and others. The decision to move to the cloud and move to a digital architecture is a deeply personal one to every organization. Just because your competitors are making the move, doesn’t mean you should jump in before you’re ready. Even if your friends at the last conference are making the move, or vendors make you feel pressured, you have to move at a pace that makes sense for your organization. In moving too quickly, you risk losing important information, failing compliance, and/or compromising your security posture. 

4. Build a roadmap 

Formulate a strong plan and follow it. Plan for delays and unexpected hiccups, and build a budget that fits your roadmap. Anticipate and account for how a digital transformation will impact your clients, staff, leaders, and services. Time the change appropriately in order to best mitigate risk and build a digital enterprise for longevity. 

5. Security at every layer 

Build in security every step of the way. Security has to be at the center of what every digital organization does and this is extremely true for effective modernization. Think about your vendors and how they fit in your current security stack. Consider working with an expert like Booker DiMaio to patch holes and fill gaps in your roadmap that leave vulnerabilities in your architecture.

Taking the digital transformation leap is deeply complex and one size does not fit all. Every organization needs to carefully plan their move in a way that works for them, while keeping in mind their end users and integrating security procedures. If you’re considering taking first steps toward digital transformation or are hitting blockers in your current plan, we are here to help! Contact Booker DiMaio, digital transformation experts:

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