Technology Trends to Look Out for in 2023 and Beyond

September 12, 2022
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September 12, 2022 sean.booker

As we approach Q4 2022, we look back on a great year where more companies moved to the cloud, new layers of authentication security have been developed, and the rise of advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning – which still has many advancements ahead of it. 

Looking to 2023, we see many of the same technologies further developing and defining our world, influencing companies worldwide. Let’s explore what future tech will look like in 4 key sectors: Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, DevOps, and Health IT. 

Data Analytics & Visualization 

In 2023, we can expect strides in the advancement of data analytics automation, AI as a service, and the rise of big data security analytics. 

Data analytics automation will provide quicker access to data across enterprise systems. Having automated analytics means less work to drive business decisions and fewer headaches with raw data. Companies can expect to adopt technologies that integrate large masses of data to create full pictures of your enterprise as a digital twin. 

With all these new insights, artificial intelligence will help sort through the mess by providing predictive and intelligent insights about an enterprise based on their data sources. Previously, companies often had to build these intelligent services in house, but we’ll see an increase of purchasing this as a service.  

With the rise of big data, we can only suspect that security is going to have a role as well. New security analytics will capture and report back data changes in real-time to give security teams time to react and prevent attacks. 


To tie into the rise of AI in data analytics, cybersecurity will have an influx of machine learning services in the near future. These services will make securing your organization faster, cheaper, and simpler. Machine learning algorithms can monitor your network and learn in real time in order to predict attacks. 

This will lead to predictive security solutions for all your assets in the cloud. One of the leading causes of security breaches this past year has been poorly configured cloud instances. In 2023, we can expect companies looking to tackle this issue through predictive security that pinpoints attacks passing through a variety of endpoints. 

DevOps/ Cloud Computing

Speaking of cloud computing, we will start to see quite a few changes here in the coming years. 

One change is clouds at the edge. Edge is a framework where data is processed as close to the original device as possible, giving users lower latency and a better experience. This also gives data less “hang-time” traveling from user to source, and less opportunity for a cyber attack. Since 98% of organizations have experienced at least one cloud data breach in the last 18 months, it’s critical that organizations tighten security. 

IoT + Health IT 

IoT is on the rise and ties nicely with the data analytics trends. More and more companies are leveraging sensor data to get better insights into day-to-day operations. 

IoT has changed the healthcare space through the use of wearables that can track heart rate, glucose, and much more, giving healthcare providers the ability to monitor patients in near real-time. Now a healthcare provider can be alerted to changes coming in from IoT sensors and offer emergency care at a much faster rate while leveraging data to give insights into when issues happen and where. 

We will see this trend in many spaces beyond healthcare as well, like in manufacturing where leaders can monitor factory floors. This will feed big data analytics and allow for even better and faster executive business decisions. 

There are definitely exciting new technologies on the horizon for 2023 and this is just a small sample that will affect the next generation! To learn more about Booker DiMaio’s full suite of data engineering and modernization services, contact us! +1 (833) 234-6246

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