Italy’s Cybersecurity Warning

February 14, 2023
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February 14, 2023 sean.booker

Italy’s National Cybersecurity Agency (ACN) Sends Warning

The cybersecurity community is all ears after the Italian government issued a cybersecurity warning that there are increasingly dangerous cyber attacks happening worldwide. The warning encouraged organizations to take greater care against rising cyber crime and came after a global ransomware hacking attack that affected hundreds of organizations and compromised servers across Europe.

These attacks are targeting crucial government infrastructure and grabbing personal information about key personnel. The Italian government issued the warning to ring alarm bells and encourage the world to take cybersecurity even more seriously. 

This warning has significant implications for the whole globe, including the United States. With more and more sensitive information being stored and transmitted across the internet, the risk of cyber attacks has never been higher. The world needs more cyber experts, better technology, and a greater investment in cyber awareness.

International Collaboration

The warning goes to show that collaboration and information sharing between allies is more important than ever. It is important to remember that cyber attacks have no geographical bounds and can originate, spread, and wreak havoc from any corner of the world, making it necessary for countries to work together to fight cyber crime. 

As we move forward in 2023, we will likely also see more collaboration between the public and private sector. While in the past they were often seen as two completely different beasts, to protect the greater good, the two must work together. Enterprises will continue developing technology to feed into the private sector and partner to create the right solutions. 

U.S. Cybersecurity at Work

The U.S. government has already prioritized cyber defense and made several strong steps to ensure more dynamic cybersecurity across agencies. Clear and concise policies like this will be the difference between a cyber risk and a cyber catastrophe. While the United States has plenty of policies already, many organizations have been slow to adopt effective cyber defenses. This warning serves as the kick people need to take the implementation seriously. 

As if we didn’t see a surge of cybersecurity investment in 2022, this warning will only see more dollars poured into cyber programs across the globe, especially in the United States. As the warning states, cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated, and we have to continue spending money to keep up with trends, education, and the latest technology. To stay ahead of the current landscape, we’ll see investments in firewalls, intrusion detection systems, AI, and ML algorithms that detect and prevent cyber attacks in near real-time. With the new technology, professionals will need new training to be able to adhere to best practices. 

Labor Shortage

The United States faces a shortage of cyber professionals. The education system may start prioritizing cybersecurity education and make it a required part of computer science curriculums. Private and public sector organizations can do their part by having more available internships and part time programs for students. Increased demand will lead to higher wages, more educational opportunities, and subsidized internships and apprenticeship programs. 

While these cyber considerations aren’t new, they’re important to keep top of mind as we structure our contracts and business processes. Prioritize a modernized cybersecurity posture to protect yourself, and stay abreast of the federal changes that may impact your organization. Let’s buckle down on cyber policies, training, implementation, and greater collaboration across the globe if we want to be prepared for what’s coming next. 

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