Isobar / denstu Partnership

December 10, 2021
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December 10, 2021 sean.booker

Creating a Future for Minority Business

This fall, Isobar Public Sector, part of dentsu international, launched a minority-owned business incubator with Maryland based firms. 

Booker DiMaio, LLC is proud to be one of the first minority-owned 8(a) companies to join the partnership in Maryland, and we are thrilled to report it is going well!

The goal of the partnership is to provide black-owned, 8(a), and minority-owned small businesses with technical support and resources to accelerate their operations, growth, and go-to-market efforts in the public sector. It’s a true collaboration, with Isobar supporting a wide range of business development activities including proposals, white paper development, and other activities.

Booker DiMaio recently attended the Isobar kickoff event (pictured below), and met many of the partners who are working together in this collective to contribute to the success of black businesses. We are honored to be working with such a diverse group of people to elevate the voices and engagement of black-owned business owners in Maryland and beyond, and can’t wait to see the many successes that are sure to result from this partnership. 

As a digital agency, Isobar has supported many of the world’s top brands and organizations in modernizing and streamlining their efficiency. They have been instrumental in transforming companies’ digital capabilities, and have focused on both the development of cloud-native applications as well as the migration of existing applications to cloud environments. They headed several experience-led programs that combined large technology transformations with human centered design, providing a strong base for the incubator that will focus on elevating the growth of black businesses.

For more information about this partnership, check out the press release here

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