Cloud Computing: What Happened in 2020?

September 10, 2020
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September 10, 2020 sean.booker

Never before have we been in a time with so many technological updates moving so fast, across so many industries and people. This year’s events have only served to catalyze the upward momentum of the tech landscape. Remote learning, cloud-based operations, virtual events and live streaming – it’s only going to get more technical. 

For the cloud computing aficionados, Fireship shared an informative video late last year about the upcoming trends in 2020. The video defined terms, explained connections, and predicted the future of the cloud based on 2019 projections. Watch the video below to learn the status of the industry.

Next, we found a great recap video of the current 2020 cloud trends so far by Solutions Review. This video highlights this year’s many industry-shaking events and how they’ve impacted how we compute, with a special focus on cloud dynamism and security.

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