Deep Real-Time Insights needs to
be a part of your Organization.

Big Data Visualiztion/Analytics with Splunk

We build and deploy custom dashboards and views for our clients

Anti-fraud, Theft, Abuse and Prevention

Anti-fraud, theft and abuse prevention, this a big data challenge, especially as business moves online. Patterns of internal or external fraud often lie in the massive amounts of unstructured machine data and log files generated by your business applications and systems. Our team harnesses logs and machine data to detect a wide range of cyber attacks and use cases including real-time detection, analytics and reporting.

Centralized Log Management

Global Log Visualization Solutions supports a wide range of log management use cases including log consolidation and retention, security, IT operations troubleshooting, application troubleshooting and compliance reporting.

Analytics-driven Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Booker DiMaio, Partnered with SPLUNK, provides visualizations/dashboards that goes beyond simple information and event management to tackle real-time security monitoring, advanced threat detection, forensics and incident management.

Advanced Situational Awareness of entire operation

Every project/system has a network, and how you view your network is up to you, Splunk enables users to view the entire campaign for global Big Data oversight.

Advanced Persistent Threat Awareness

We build dashboards that reveals Hacker/Bot-net activity in your network, with dashboards that enable threat hunting as well as historical analysis of various threat vectors.

Global IoT Smart City Dashboards

From Industry sensors to web-enabled vehicles, the IoT devices, have a dashboard that can be built custom to visualize and monitor vitals within that connected environment.

Real-Time analysis of your connected environment

We’ve built Real-time visualization and analytics dashboards to keep the pulse on your system operations.

Creating visualization and building
dasboards that truly matter to all levels of the organization.

We have created customized views into our clients networks and systems, to provide global visibility and total system end-to-end situational awareness.