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May 2, 2022
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May 2, 2022 sean.booker

Cybersecurity and cloud computing can both seem like overwhelming topics taken individually, which explains why so many people and organizations can’t quite seem to connect the dots when it comes to combining the two.

Cybercriminals know this, and that makes securing your cloud with a reputable service provider absolutely critical for the safety of your organization, employees, clients, and customers.

Are you considering a move to the cloud or reexamining your security protocols? 

Here are some necessary considerations to keep in mind:

The cloud is generally safer 

While hacking is always possible, keeping your information off-site is safer than maintaining your own physical network and data center.

Organizations such as healthcare facilities or schools that find themselves specifically targeted due to the sensitive nature of the data they keep benefit greatly from outside, remote storage.

However, third parties still can sometimes be the weak link between a company and its data. Be sure that the provider you choose has top-of-the-line security protocols in place to prevent any opportunistic criminals from accessing your information!

Connected devices are risky

With so many devices across any number of employees, the Internet of Things (IoT) has proven to be a challenging security environment to keep under control. There have been instances of devices as mundane as coffee makers being used to gain unauthorized access to networks, since most people don’t associate appliances with cybersecurity.

The fact remains, however, that any poorly protected device with WiFi connectivity can potentially allow criminals access to assets being stored on the cloud. This is true of personal devices used in the office, so leaders should enforce network restrictions on personal devices whenever possible.

Some organizations also provide a separate network specifically tailored to IoT devices that does not allow for any access to hardware, accounts or computers that could be used to access the cloud.

Use automation when available

Security is a moving target.

Hackers are continually hard at work picking apart vulnerabilities within systems and software faster than developers can patch them. This makes updating and keeping up with the latest firmware and patches a never ending task.

For many small businesses that can’t afford a dedicated IT technician, updates and patches are simply abandoned in favor of other business responsibilities.

Select a provider that uses automation for both scanning for unauthorized behavior, as well as applying updates and fixes. Allowing this to work in the background gives you peace of mind and ensures that you are always ahead of the latest threats.

Beware of misconfigurations

The beauty of the cloud is that anyone can gain access from anywhere. It was designed to expedite the process of sharing and exchanging data. A miracle of convenience in today’s collaborative world!

However, that can be leveraged against you if you fail to properly configure who has access to what information.

For example, a link that allows anyone who clicks it to poke around in your cloud may remain in someone’s email account long after they need to use it. Even if that person is a high level, trusted individual, such a link poses a serious risk.

If their account is hacked or accessed via a phishing campaign, suddenly you’ve left the door wide open.

Safe use of the cloud requires utmost care when it comes to configuring folders and data sets in order to prevent unauthorized or accidental access that may expose sensitive credentials, personal data, or proprietary information.

Be sure to carefully consider access allowances, and only use a provider that will give you as much control as possible over your data and security. 

Most cloud service providers make it very clear that your data is your responsibility and they are not in any way responsible for your poor password hygiene or misconfigured access!

Ready to embrace the cloud?

Booker DiMaio is proud to remain on the cutting edge of cloud computing, thanks to our partnership with CompleteCloud by Avatara.

CompleteCloud allows our clients to take full advantage of all that cloud technology has to offer without having to worry about flimsy security, limited access, or poor customer service. 

Fully automated updating, remote access, tight security, and 24/7/365 support means you can spend more time doing business and less time stressing about the safety of your data.

Reach out today to learn more and see how Booker DiMaio’s portfolio of engineering solutions can streamline your business and bolster your cybersecurity defenses:

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