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The founders of Booker DiMaio

Executive Staff


Sean T. Booker

President/CEO, Senior Computer Engineer

As the President and Chief Executive Officer of Booker DiMaio, LLC, Sean T. Booker, is responsible for the overall executive leadership of the company, including responsibility for business affairs, corporate strategic planning and mission success.


Maria I. Booker

Vice President/COO, Senior Software Test Engineer

A native of Los Angeles, CA, Maria Booker has traveled the world in numerous leadership capacities and brings deep subject matter expertise and experience of how our Government works to help drive strategic support and guidance to the Booker DiMaio team’s daily operations.

The Crew of Booker DiMaio

Support Staff


Chad L. Booker

Chief Business Officer

Chad Booker serves as the Chief Business Officer of Booker DiMaio, LLC, providing leadership and direct oversight of the Firm’s existing client portfolio, while strategically expanding the breadth and depth of the Firm’s partnerships through new client development, vendor reseller and licensing management, and driving enhanced market share both domestically and abroad.


Joshua W. Booker

Human Resource Manager

Joshua Booker, a native of Pittsburgh, PA is the Human Resource Manager of Booker DiMaio, LLC, and serves as our staff manager and human resources subject matter expert. Joshua drives the continuity of our Firm’s internal processes and procedures. From ensuring that our Firm complies with current HR regulations and policies to developing standardized, best-in- class tools and literature for the on-boarding of new employees, Booker is the leading force behindour success.


Dr. Mawan Jamal

Strategic Business Advisor

Dr. Jamal is our strategic business adviser with knowledge of the IT industry with both Federal and Commercial Clients.
Dr. Jamal joined the iCollege faculty in 2000. Prior to that, he was a faculty member at George Washington University. Dr Jamal, fluent in both Arabic and French, has participated widely in international business development for over 15 years.
Dr. Jamal’s current scholarly interests include telecommunications, wireless and mobile computing, frequency spectrum management, simulation and modeling, virtual reality, and intelligent agents. He has presented at several leading conferences on telecommunications and wireless technologies.


Pouya Yousefi

Chief Data Architect

Pouya Yosefi, a Big Data engineer with over 20 years in the technology sector. With humble beginnings as a technician at CompUSA in his freshman year in college, his career has spanned working as a software developer, team lead, and principal consultant to more recently as a machine learning engineer. As a ML engineer, my focus has been on natural language processing algorithms and repurposing them for behavioral pattern recognition. Lead Data Science Developer for the Analytics Center of Excellence.
Using big data and advanced analytics to derive insights that transform clinical development and bring new medicines to patients faster through successful trial delivery.


Benjamin Cheeseman

Senior Technical Recruiter

Benjamin Cheeseman is our Senior Recruiter! Boldly going where no man has gone to find the best and the brightest talent!


Thomas Booker

Finance Support

Thomas Booker serves as our Financial Support staff for our efforts.

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